Drilling Fluids


DLS supplies inhibitors, hardness reducers, anti-adhesive additives, lubricants, complex additives, polymers, insulating liquids, multifunctional reagents, backfill materials.

Production quality control, search, selection, development and synthesis of new reagents are provided by enterprise Drilling Fluids Testing Laboratory. The laboratory is equipped with reagents quality control devices in compliance with API standards.

DLS helps oil and gas operators to increase efficiency and lower the costs by designing and engineering drilling fluid systems and additives that accommodate a wide range of drilling environments and demanding applications—HPHT, deep water, shale gas, heavy oil, depleted wells, and more.

Production of reagents is produced at own factory. Our products fit the requirements and regulations to storage reagents in a safe way. We can ensure our customers that we have enough quantity of vehicles in order to deliver any amount of chemicals on a tight schedule.

Our base fluids and additives are tailored for specific well construction applications. The custom formulation helps operators maintain wellbore stability, optimize ROP, and increase overall drilling efficiency while reducing NPT and minimizing HSE footprint.