Mud Motors


DLS can supply a wide range of selection of drilling motors. This all possible based on our customer needs and budget, we can suggest specific mud motor from the design of well, bit specifications and the environmental mud properties.

Our broad portfolio of mud motors is designed to meet the challenges of directional drilling regardless of the drilling challenge. Our high-performance drilling motors and the ability to model application- or basin-specific motors means we can provide unique, fit-for-purpose solutions that deliver a step-change in drilling performance.

DLS can provide any ordered size of motors. These all possible based on reliable long-term relationship with our suppliers.

Together with our partners, we are developing new technologies which allowing to provide higher RPMs for optimum hole cleaning and reduce wellbore tortuosity. Nowadays, our motors operate in the oil and gas fields of Russia, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan.

A group of highly qualified engineers carry out a full range of tasks related to the maintenance of Mud Motors in our workshop that locating in Bineqedi region, Azerbaijan.


Our range of mud pulse based MWD tools builds upon and perfects the design of conventional mud pulse technology.