Integrated Drilling Service


Integrated 24/7 based well design and drilling service will manage the system and simplify your drilling operations, well design, and well construction with the integration of all aspects into the one.

Integrated Drilling Services (IDS) works with you to deliver safe and compliant wells in any drilling environment by offering integrated drilling and completions technologies, project management, well design, remote real-time support, and the entire scope of well construction. We align our offerings to your specific project needs—no matter the project scope—including a comprehensive lump-sum turnkey (LSTK) business model that reduces drilling time and limits total well costs by integrating best-fit technologies and providing rig management.

Nowadays this technology has become quite widespread as one of the main methods of resuscitation of an inactive well stock. This is due to the inappropriateness of the overhaul of the wells, their high water cut, or the high density of the drilling network in the field.

We are ready to carry out these services both on separate operations and on a turn-key basis – starting from providing sidetrack operations, drilling a well services according to the design assignment, running a liner and further developing of the well.

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  With our complete line of DLS Integrated Drilling Service, you can

  • Reduce NPT
  • Cost reduction of Drilling operations
  • Cost reduction of well Side Track operations
  • Rig management in all operations including the workforce and all needed material (involving the appropriate type of the rig) will be provided through our IDS program
  • We guaranty that IDS approach will increase footage per day and drilling efficiency
  • Maintain wellbore integrity and access
  • Monitoring on reservoir contact
  • Improve formation evaluation.

Wellsite Drill Bits services

DLS is redefining how a bit should interact with the formation—by the constant communicating with our customers and understanding exactly what they need.

MWD and LWD services

DLS offers LWD, and MWD technologies designed to reliably and effectively meet a full range of drilling operational requirements.