Underreaming while drilling improves drilling performance while enhancing borehole quality. With operational flexibility ranging from demountable cutters to cutters that encompass milled tooth, tungsten carbide inserts, and polycrystalline diamond compact (PDC) cutters, the range of tools available ensures optimal performance in any application.

DLS provides underreaming products that are designed for enlarging any interval of wellbore (for liners, profile shutter, repair and insulation work intervals) in soft, medium and hard formations.

Expansion of blades, equipped with high-quality PDC cutters, into operating position this provided by the effect of differential fluid pressure between flow bore and wellbore annulus.

Delivery set of all types of underreamers includes interchangeable blades easily replaceable in rig conditions, significantly reducing repair and maintenance costs.


DLS offers stabilizers with straight and spiral blades. These stabilizers can work in formations of various categories of hardness.


DLS can provide a wide selection of jars, intensifiers and shock tool suppliers in our portfolio dependent on customer needs and budget, which have proven reliability in the industry.