Bicentric Bits


Bicentric Bits allow drilling wells of bigger diameter than it is usually possible with a diameter of an earlier inserted casing string.

Design features of bicentric bits provide good steerability, high ROP and qualitative hole enlargement.

Special attention is paid to the performance of these bits. We have gained extensive experience and we can offer bicentric bits with different size to satisfy our customer requirements.

Roller Cone Bits

This Bit is designed for continuous drilling of vertical and directional wells. Roller Cone Bits have been designed for drilling soft rocks with the highest penetration rates. Our bits characterized with better wear resistance.

PDC Bits (matrix body PDC bits)

Matrix PDC Bits are an optimal solution for the drilling of the well, where the use of ordinary steel bits leads to their rapid erosive wear.

PDC Bits (soft to hard formations)

DLS provides PDC drill bits for soft, hard and medium formations. New generation PDC bits maintaining the mechanical drilling speed and increase wear resistance.