Teymur Baghirov

Directional Driller and Project Manager

Holder of MSc in Petroleum Geosciences from Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU, Norway, Trondheim). Also, holder of Specialist degree (equivalent to Masters) from Tyumen State Oil and Gas University specializing in Petroleum Geology (TSOGU, Russia, Tyumen). Moreover, completed numerous courses of master’s degree program in Production Management at NTNU.

During his early career, he worked for BP and Institute of Geology by National Academy of Science of Azerbaijan (GIA).  Teymur has wide experience in Seismic Interpretation, Well Logging, Formation Description, Basin Analysis, Statistical Analysis, Directional Drilling and Performance Management Systems.

Teymur experienced to work in the petroleum industry and academia. He completed projects and courses and collaborate with companies like NOV, Schlumberger, Equinor, MultiClient Geophysical and BP. Teymur has gained significant expertise in many projects in different locations by using different languages:

“Supplementary exploration of Achimov-2 formation of Malo-Balykskoye field “.

“Geometrical analysis of deltaic clinoforms and their implication for sediment infill and sea-level conditions in Sørvestsnaget Basin, southwestern Barents Sea“.

“Investigation of wellbore intersection angle impact on wellbore stability problems in Azeri field “.

Productivity of Tarsdallar field”.

Evaluation and Economic Analysis on GeoX & Petromode software”.

Seismic facies analysis and identifications of depositional environment in Barents Sea “.

Continuous Improvement, the Business Process by using Lean methods “.