Completion services


DLS casing and tubular running services are the right choices for efficient completion of casing, tubular running. When you need expert handling casing services, for any job from the simplest to the most challenging, we have the answer that minimizes rig time.

We have the most comprehensive and efficient suite of casing and tubing tongs. These tong systems include self-contained hydraulic power units custom-built and certified to the highest industry standards. Tong systems cover a wide range of sizes and torque capacities from small tubing through the large-diameter casing. Integrated hydraulic backups maximize accuracy and will produce efficiency in your operations.

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GDS provides a full range of oil and gas well cementing services, which are essential to maintain well integrity. Applications vary from different needs of our customers. Successful cementing operations result in a cement sheath to bond and support casing and provide good zonal isolation. Good zonal isolation helps prevent the loss of production, reduce water production, extend the lifespan of oil & gas wells. As a cementing services provider, GDS has accumulated rich experience to tackle the full range of complicated cementing challenges.

With its experienced engineering team, sustainable research, we contributed to successes on various applications. Specialists at our research centre are continuously developing new and more effective solutions to meet ever-changing cementing challenges. Starting as a local cementing service provider, GDS is pushing the technology envelope to become one of the international leaders of comprehensive cementing services.

Area of services includes:

  • Cementing Engineering Design & Optimization
  • Laboratory Test of Cement Slurry Properties, UCA Strength Test, etc
  • Cement Plug for Sidetrack, Well Abandonment, Lost Circulation Solutions
  • Cementing Chemicals
  • Field Cementing Implementation
  • Cement Bond/Sheath Evaluation.


Coring is the service necessary to study the geological conditions of the formation.


DLS offers high-performance downhole tools for your hole enlargement needs, we provide services for reaming operations of any difficultyes with using own tools.

Sidetrack Services

We offer several effective solutions for sidetracking in a cased well as window milling or continuous casing section milling.