Laboratory Research


Drilling Fluids Testing Laboratory and Cementing Laboratory are our research base hub that having the full cycle of scientific and technical research on the development and implementation of advanced developments in the area of drilling muds, spacer fluids and cementing materials.

The laboratories are equipped with reagents quality and drilling fluid parameters control devices in compliance with all standards.

DLS Drilling Fluids Testing Laboratory provide researches on making and implementation of new perspective developments in the sphere of drilling fluids.

Our qualified engineers formulate water-based solutions based on the biopolymer without solids with high density, aerated drilling fluids with decreased density, process liquids without solids; and oil-based solutions: invert-emulsion drilling mud for different ecological requirements.

The laboratory provides searching, selection, and if needed, synthesizing of new reagents, used as components of drilling fluids. DLS laboratory allows to solve and correct problems, arising during engineering maintenance of fluids within a short period of time.

Area of services includes:

  • Development of dedicated systems of drilling fluids on water and oil base for drilling operations.
  • Incoming analysis and selection of reagent samples, quality control of reagents, used during the drilling mud maintenance services.
  • Optimization and selection of the right type of reagents for developed drilling mud systems.
  • Creation of synthetic polymer drilling mud systems for control of its rheology and filtration in conditions of high temperature and salt aggression.
  • Synthesizing and lab tests of new effective lubricants for water based drilling fluids.
  • Systems for liquidation of difficult lost circulation.
  • Defoaming agents for drilling fluids on water base.
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Drilling muds test laboratory ready to investigate the influence of drilling mud and process fluids to reservoir properties bottom-hole formation zone.

DLS laboratory has equipment for a full range of tests: beginning from production core samples up to investigation producing characteristics.

Area of services includes:

  • Core investigations such as defining the content of carbonates and clay, defining grain texture, investigation of producing characteristics, etc.
  • Formation fluids investigation such as defining rheological characteristics, defining water content in petroleum products, etc.

DLS equipped to provide research on cementing operations. Our scientistic approach ready to support the oil and gas industry with the development and introduction of promising new products in the field of cement materials and displacement fluids. Laboratory specialists develop formulations of materials with expanding properties to both improve quality of zone isolation within zones of interest and to prevent cross flows while implementing casing jobs. Laboratory facilities allow us to analyze the quality of casing processes, to identify the root causes of poor quality of casings and to determine the right ways to improve quality. It allows us to select components for cement materials to develop formulations for specific applications.

Moreover, DLS Cementing Laboratory allows to resolve and fix problems related to cementing services and installation of cement plugs.

MWD and LWD services

DLS offers LWD, and MWD technologies designed to reliably and effectively meet a full range of drilling operational requirements.

Completion services

DLS casing and tubular running services are the right choices for efficient completion of casing, tubular running.