Wellsite Drill Bits services


DLS is redefining how a bit should interact with the formation—by the constant communicating with our customers and understanding exactly what they need. And it is this customer-centric methodology that continues fueling our record-breaking performance 12 years in a row.

DLS is one of the leader in the Azerbaijan region that provides high-quality drill bit service and supply. Choosing  DLS as the supplier of drill bits, you can forget about problems frequently associated with other suppliers. You pay after the services are delivered.

Our services include:

  • Development of group and individual bit programs, including a selection of the most appropriate tools for specific technological and geological conditions.
  • Supplying customers on an ongoing basis with rock destruction tools, including remote regions.
  • Delivery of the required number of tools to the job site or customer base point (including sites with restricted or limited road access).
  • Engineering solutions provided by qualified engineers in possession of office equipment and the necessary software. If necessary, mobile living space at a rig site is provided.
  • Technological supervision of performance and serviceability of (working off) bits at a site.
  • Preparation of a bit report, including the actual bit performance (program).
  • Technological and economic analysis of bit usage (working out).
  • Application of the final improvements to a tool design for best fitting the task.

The positive growth rate of service support displays the quality and efficiency of our drill bit service.

MWD and LWD services

DLS offers LWD, and MWD technologies designed to reliably and effectively meet a full range of drilling operational requirements.

Laboratory Research

Drilling Fluids Testing Laboratory and Cementing Laboratory are our research base hub that having the full cycle of scientific and technical research on the development and implementation of advanced developments in the area of drilling muds, spacer fluids and cementing materials.

Directional Drilling

DLS offers expert directional drillers and proven technologies to provide the trajectory control needed to drill the well correctly, the high-quality hole required to successfully run and cement casing, and the precise well placement to optimize production and maximize recovery – all leading to drilling optimization for optimal efficiency and cost savings.